All horses are individuals. What works for one horse, may not work for another, even with similar breeding, age and education. Sometimes the best way to work out the right bit is just to experiment. MylerbitSweden offers a 14 Day Try-out and lets you do this with confidence.

On all purchases from MylerbitSweden you have the option of taking a 14 day trial or if discussed, an even longer period. This ensures that you aren’t left with another bit your horse doesn’t like.

How does it work?

Feel free to have a browse through our online shop to get an idea of the range and different styles we offer. The price listed for the bits, is the online store price. By using the online shop to purchase a bit, you are buying the bit without the try-out option!!

So if you are interested in try-out a Mylerbit, please contact us directly, either by email or phone. We will then contact you within 48 hours for a privat consultation with you about your horse and your needs from a new bit. If you then decide to purchase a bit to try-out from our range, you will be shipped the bit within 2-3 day’s after your payment (if in stock). You will then have 14 days, in which to ride in the bit, like you normally would.

If, for whatever reason, you or your horse are not happy with the bit, you can simply return it after the 14 days. However before you return the bit, we would recommended you to contact us first. Most of the times we can assist and advise you. If not we alway’s appreciate feedback. When return, (registered post recommended) you cover the return costs and you will be credited your purchase money minus 10% as we charge for the try-out handling.

Why does it work?

Through careful questions and attention to your needs throughout the conversation, we aim to be able to offer you a bit that will suit your needs. From something with a bit more control, introducing a bit for the first time to your young horse, a different training, or just looking for a nice comfy bit for your horse? We can help you with advising to buy your new Mylerbit.

And if I know what bit I want?

If you are happy with your selection, simply shop online to receive the bit at the price listed on the website, mostly with delivery within 2-3 days (if in stock). Shipping is a flat rate of Sek 100.= anywhere in Sweden. If the bit is the incorrect size, please return it within 7 days (registered post recommended) unmarked, unused and cleaned with the original packaging to exchange for the correct size.

Are you interested? Please call 073-847 89 24 or email