How it all started.

It was on the Denver Wesa Market that in 1998, Ron, Bob & Dale Myler introduced their unique bitting system. After 30 years of research developing and testing, they were ready for the big public.

The Mylerbrothers are still making hand-made bits in Marshfield Missouri. However the production bits have been very succesful in making the Myler System affordable for even more horses and riders.

Bitting for communication is the guiding principle of Myler bits. To make horses more comfortable in the mouth, so that they are more focused in the mind and therefore more trainable.
According to the Myler brothers, “The bit is a communication tool, and to effectively communicate with your horse, he must be relaxed. If your horse is resistant, he is not effectively receiving your message. Then he needs a different bit which lets him relax.”

A horse has only two way’s to respond, either it is relaxed or not. So your horse cooperates or your horse is resistant.

As horses advance in their training level, the bit should change too. By offering greater tongue-relief and more comfort as the horse becomes softer and more compliant. The needs of the horse, his level of training, the ability level of the rider and the specific activities undertaken, will all have an influence of what bit is best for your horse.